Ziptrak® outdoor blinds, renowned for their easy and smooth operation, are a staple in enhancing your outdoor living spaces. Undercover Industries, a trusted supplier and installer in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, emphasizes the importance of correct usage to maintain their pristine condition.

Manual Operation: To maintain the life and function of your hand-operated Ziptrak® blinds, always use the centre handle. This ensures the fabric winds uniformly, preventing uneven wear or damage.

Motorised Use: When operating motorized blinds, remain present to oversee the movement. Cease operation during high winds to protect the mechanism.

Weather Considerations: In winds over 30km/h, either fully retract or lower your blinds. Extreme weather calls for complete retraction to safeguard the system.

Handling Wind Pressure: If wind is creating resistance, gently push the blind fabric to alleviate pressure before operating.

Moisture Management: Avoid rolling the blinds up when damp. Trapped moisture can lead to mould. Always allow them to dry thoroughly.

Operational Issues: Should you face any difficulty in operating the blinds without an apparent cause, contact Undercover Industries for support.

Cleaning: A Key Aspect of Care

Maintaining the cleanliness of your Sunscreen mesh or PVC Ziptrak blinds is crucial. Regular, gentle cleaning not only preserves their appearance but also their functionality.

Basic Cleaning: Use a soft cloth with soapy cold water. Ensure they are dry before retraction.

PVC Maintenance: Treat PVC material with extra care to avoid scratches. VuPlex® is recommended for PVC blinds, following specific manufacturer guidelines.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Never use strong detergents, insecticides, or solvents on your blinds. Bore water and high-pressure hoses are also a no-go.

Prevent Stains: Address bird droppings and other stains promptly to avoid permanent damage.

Ensuring Smooth Operation

While Ziptrak® blinds are designed for low maintenance, certain environments might require additional care.

Lubrication: In dusty areas, apply a food-grade silicone spray like Helmar H4000. Spray the tracks lightly while the blind is fully extended. Avoid oil-based lubricants as they can damage the system.

Spare Parts and Repairs

Longevity and Repairs: These blinds are built to last. However, should you encounter any issues or require spare parts, contact Undercover Industries or your retailer for assistance.

Maintaining Level Operation

Avoiding Imbalance: Always operate the blinds from the centre. Uneven operation over time can lead to an unbalanced bottom bar. Should this occur, it’s not a product fault but a result of improper use. Undercover Industries is here to help rectify such issues.

Undercover Industries is dedicated to ensuring your Ziptrak® blinds remain a seamless, functional, and attractive part of your home. For any maintenance queries or services in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, feel free to reach out to us.