Introducing Our New Shade Sails and The Many Benefits They Bring

Introducing Our New Shade Sails and The Many Benefits They Bring

New to the Undercover Industries family is our line of high-quality shade sails designed in-house to suit NZ’s – and specifically the Bay of Plenty’s – wild, coastal weather. These are no average shade sails, they are a lot more than a tarpaulin strewn haphazardly over a few poles! No, our durable, stylish, waterproof and versatile shade sails are the real deal. Read on to learn about our newest product and the benefits they bring.

Unbeatable performance

Our shade sails are custom-made and specifically designed to offer shade over your outdoor space, whatever the size. They are made from high density poly-ethylene – a fabric of the highest quality that is both fray and tear resistant. This fabric range has been used for over 20 years in NZ and is now also used by many other countries around the globe.

An attractive feature

At Undercover Industries, we understand that you want your outdoor area to look good, and this includes pergolas, awnings, outdoor blinds and shade sails. When you get one of our shade sails installed it isn’t just functional, it’ll be a stylish feature in your yard as well. With 24 colours to choose from, you can achieve the precise outdoor aesthetic you’re after.

Sun protection

What’s the point of shade if you’ll get burnt under it anyway? That NZ sun is pretty strong, so keeping Kiwis safe while enjoying time outside is a huge priority to us. Our shade sails offer up to 99% UV protection and cover up to 97% of your chosen spot.


Wherever you need shade, our sails can almost certainly work. Do you want to cover your backyard sandpit, pool or patio? Is it to offer your staff some comfort during their break or to keep kids safe at daycare? Big or small, residential or commercial, our customised designs mean we’ve got you covered, literally.

Professional installation

Stainless steel fixings and powder-coated, galvanised poles installed by our sail canopy specialists will ensure a professional look. Plus, we will only cut the fabric once the poles are installed for a perfect fit.

Need some help with removal or maintenance?

Are you moving house, changing your landscaping or keen to take the sun sail down at certain times of the year? We can take care of this for you, too! We offer annual services for re-installation and removal, inspection and cleaning – just chat to the team about your particular needs.

Complete your outdoor space with shade sails

Whether you want a sun shade sail in your backyard, at your business or over a playground, speak to Undercover Industries, Tauranga and Mount Maunganui’s shade sail canopy specialists.