Finish Summer Off in Style with a Brand-New Shade Sail

Finish Summer Off in Style with a Brand-New Shade Sail

Are you feeling beat by the summer heat? It’s been a pretty hot one here in the Bay of Plenty, and if you don’t have any shade in your backyard, you might find yourself hiding from the sun inside. Here at Undercover Industries, we want to help Kiwis make the most of outdoor living, so if you’re suffering through the final months of summer indoors, fear not – shade sails are here.

The many benefits of a shade sail

Shade sails offer excellent sun protection. We can install them quickly so you can enjoy your backyard in no time. They’re affordable, attractive and effective. If you’re after a quick or non-permanent shade solution, the shade sail is your best bet.

But not all shade sails are created equal, which is why you need to work with a professional supplier like Undercover Industries. Our shade sails are designed for the harsh NZ sun, made from tear resistant fabric and hung using powder-coated and galvanized stainless-steel poles. We even offer annual inspections and cleaning services.

The best spots for a shade sail

Classics are popular for a reason! Hang a shade sail over your patio, courtyard or veranda to maximise indoor-outdoor flow and enjoy eating your dinner outside without burning to a crisp. Or strategically place a shade sail over the lawn to transform an under-utilised patch of land into a relaxing reading nook.

Or you can get creative with your shade sail by hanging one over a sandpit, a swimming pool or a trampoline. These underrated spots will let the children play outside without constant sunscreen applications, and they’ll let you use areas that would otherwise become scorching hot.

The long-term plan

Shade sails are an easy and affordable way to give yourself some relief for the rest of the summer. Then, you’ve got options. You can keep your shade sail up – it’ll certainly come in handy over the cooler months as well, letting you spend sunny autumn and winter days outside and even giving you some shelter from the wind and rain.

Or, you could add a pergola to the mix. If you’ve really underused your yard because of a lack of shade, now’s the perfect time to start planning for a more permanent structure.

And the shade sail won’t go to waste! Incorporate both a pergola for your patio and a shade sail over the garden or pool to create the perfect backyard ahead of next summer.

Ready to use your backyard again?

Give Undercover Industries a ring – we’ll get your Tauranga, Papamoa or Mt Maunganui home sorted with a shade sail so you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors.