Mono Pitch ROOF Pergola

Mono-Pitch Pergola systems, commonly known as “Flat” are the pergola style of choice among customers who have a mono-pitch style home or who like the flat roof look over their designated area. Undercover Industries name this style as “Mono-Pitch”. If a Mono-Pitch Pergola is the style of choice, then you can select Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing or Custom Glaze .600 Roofing.



Undercover Pergola systems are constructed with high grade 6061 T6 aluminium purchased in raw 3mm rectangle hollow lengths. This aluminium choice makes our Undercover Pergolas strong and durable to withstand New Zealand’s weather conditions. Undercover Pergola’s then undergo a full immersion chromate pre-treatment process prior to being powder coated with your colour choice from the Dulux colour range.

Each flat roof pergola is individually measured and custom designed to compliment its surroundings and in keeping with your requirements. Whether it be for your deck to create the ultimate entertainment area, rain shelter, patio cover, between buildings or for your carport to cover a boat, caravan or car. Undercover Industries pergolas provide 99.9% UV protection protecting yourself, your family and assets from New Zealand’s harsh UV rays.


Custom Glaze 600 on a Mono-Pitch Undercover Pergola

Custom Glaze 600 is a high-quality polycarbonate roofing sheet, that helps maximise your living space and modernise your outdoor living area. Custom Glaze .600 provides a contemporary stylish flat roof look without the need for glazing bars. The overlapping ribs can be positioned on the rafter concealing the rib from being seen below. Custom Glaze .600 offers 99.9% UV Protection and is 2mm thick. It is available in Clear, Diffused, Bronze or Grey Tints – depending on the heat reduction and light transmission that you wish to achieve.

The image on your left is an Undercover Mono-Pitch Pergola with chunky 100×100 posts and roofed in Custom Glaze 600 Diffused.


Laserlite on a Mono Pitch Undercover Pergola

 Alysnite’s Laserlite 2000+ and 3000 range is a well known and trusted choice in polycarbonate roofing sheeting. Laserlite has been designed for the conditions and provides 99.9% protection from harmful UV Rays. The Laserlite 2000+ range is available in clear, bronze or grey tints depending on your light transmission and heat reduction goals.

Laserlite 3000 is for ultimate comfort it reduces the suns warming effect. Laserlite 3000 reduces the glare for more comfortable outdoor living and advanced heat reflective properties to keep you cooler in summer. Laserlite 3000 ICE roofing tint allows 47% of the light to transmit but reduces the heat by a massive 63%. The perfect all year around solution.

The image on the right is an Undercover Mono-Pitch Pergola roofed in Laserlite 3000 + Ice Tint.


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