How We’re Maximizing Smaller Outdoor Living Spaces

How We’re Maximizing Smaller Outdoor Living Spaces

The tiny home movement appears to have joined the mainstream as a viable housing option. The government has got on board with changes to the types of dwellings that need resource consent, and companies are springing up all over the country providing these incredibly popular structures in several different styles, sizes, and across a wide range of budgets. Undercover Industries are geared up to enhance your tiny living space with an excellent outdoor shade solution that will extend your living area and nail that all-important indoor/outdoor flow.

Living In Harmony

Whether you have decided to build your own home or move a ready-made home onto a patch of ground to start your new lifestyle, maximising your outdoor space is going to be the key to making the downsized lifestyle more enjoyable and functional – especially if you are sharing the area with a partner, a child – or both! Undercover Industries are experts in extending outdoor living, and we have some great products that will ensure you can take a little time for yourself no matter what the weather.

Protection From the Elements

Once you have your deck built, you will need to cover it; this will give you excellent sun protection and enable you to continue to entertain comfortably when friends come to check out your new place. Starting with an Undercover Industries Mono Pitch Pergola will kick off your outdoor living in style. These are constructed from high grade 6061 T6 aluminium, and they are designed specifically to deal with the weather extremes we deal with in the Bay of Plenty.

Stylish And Practical

The Mono Pitch Pergola can be custom built to fit your requirements, and they block out 99.9% of harmful UV rays. Undercover Industries will powder coat your pergola with the Dulux colour of your choice, and this is a superb option for increasing your living space when the weather closes in. Over the winter months, we also have a great add on solution to ensure you don’t lose the area to the elements.

The Winning Combination

Adding an Undercover Industries Undercover Ziptrak Outdoor Blind System to your Mono Pitch Pergola, in essence, creates an extra room. The Ziptrak system has no crank handle, zips or straps, and each set comes with a 5-year mesh warranty. There are some great colour options, so after installation, you will probably want to build another deck so that you can use the Mono Pitch Pergola/Ziptrak Blind System combo again!

Undercover Industries in Tauranga have all sorts of intelligent solutions to add dynamic space to your Tiny Home; get in touch today to chat with the professionals about how you can downsize in style.