Enjoy your Outdoor Area in Winter with a Pergola and Ziptrak Combo

Enjoy your Outdoor Area in Winter with a Pergola and Ziptrak Combo

Now that we are into the winter months, you may feel like your living space has shrunk! While we are masters of the indoor/outdoor flow in the Bay of Plenty across the summer months, we may tend to hibernate somewhat when that first frost hits the ground. To keep the living easy over winter in Tauranga, get in touch with Undercover Industries to chat through some great solutions to keep things humming outdoors.

Pergolas and Pizzas

If you like entertaining on your deck or patio while the snow is falling on the Desert Road, you need to think outside the box. Undercover Industries recommends Pergolas and Ziptrak Blinds when you are looking for a covered area that feels comfortable no matter the weather. Many families opt to install a patio fire. If you can do this with a pizza oven, you can guarantee your deck will be the place to be this winter!

Be Transported

With an Undercover Industries Pergola and Ziptrak outdoor blinds, you get a great, safe solution to keep the warmth in while enjoying a mulled wine and a homemade pizza on the deck. We can fit our Pergolas into any space, and if you are after sitting by an outdoor fire, we suggest you choose one of our Gable Pergola Systems. This is the Pergola that gives you that alfresco feeling where you may be sitting in Tauranga, Rotorua, or Whakatane, but once that pizza hits your lips, you start sipping that Chianti, you will be feeling the Italian summer vibes!

Strength and Durability

The Gable Pergola System has some great options, and it is very durable and strong. Constructed with high grade 6061 T6 aluminium right here in Tauranga, Undercover Industries understands the New Zealand conditions. We use 3mm hollow rectangle lengths to withstand the wildest winter storms. The Gable Pergola is available in any colour from the Dulux Colour Range, and we treat it with a complete immersion in chromate to add an extra layer of protection before we colour coat it.

Tailor-Made To Your LIfestyle

At Undercover Industries, we are here to enhance your outdoor living space, which means different things to different people; that’s why we tailor-make your Pergola to your unique requirements. We are locals serving locals, and whether you want to close your eyes and dream of Italian summer or you need a cosy spot to work on the car over winter, with a Gable Pergola System, we’ve got you covered.

We can work with whatever specifications suit you best, so if you need a little more space this winter, get in touch with Undercover Industries today to chat through your options and order a free quote.

Five Reasons why you should Have a Pergola At Home

Five Reasons why you should Have a Pergola At Home

Outdoor living is an important part of life in NZ, but our strong sun and unpredictable weather can often send us running indoors. Pergolas, awnings and sunshades are some of the best tools we have to battle the elements and follow our Kiwi instincts to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest.

At Undercover Industries in Mount Maunganui, our attractive and sturdy pergolas make it easy to get outside every chance you get – here are five of the top reasons that locals are falling in love with our pergolas.

1.               Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you love hosting dinner parties and BBQs, a pergola is for you. By building one of our aluminium awnings, you will have an effortless entertainment area to use come sun, wind or rain. Our pergolas allow for shaded seating that acts like an extension of your dining room, letting you enjoy more space – and fresh air – while gathered around with family and friends.

2.               Stay Safe and Comfortable in Summer

One of the hardest parts of Kiwi summers is the sun’s harsh rays – if we weren’t worried about sunburns and heat exhaustion we’d be outside far more often. Adding an awning to your house allows you and your family to enjoy the warmth of summer without roasting. You can relax under the shade of a pergola with 99.9% UV Protection enjoying the sea breeze and a cool drink, without feeling like you have to escape indoors to the A/C, or the harsh UV rays.

3.               Beautiful Backyards

Our pergolas in and of themselves are striking features that play a big role in creating attractive backyards that complement well landscaped sections. Enhance your backyard’s beauty further and insert your very own personality into the shaded space by filling it with hanging lights, potted plants and vines and furniture that will remain protected at the same time.

4.               Additional Privacy

Let’s face it, even houses in Tauranga designed by architects have many great traits, but privacy is not always one of them. Real estate across the region is valuable, which means that our houses are often close together and you can feel like you’re eating dinner with your neighbours. Pergolas offer privacy, and you can enhance this feeling of personal space by dressing up your awnings with Ziptrak outdoor blinds, hedging, potted plants or privacy screens.

5.               Increase Your Home’s Value

Beautiful landscaping most certainly adds value to homes in NZ, and pergolas are an easy and affordable way to enhance your outdoor area. For all the reasons listed above, our sturdy and well-built awnings will not only increase your indoor-outdoor flow right now, but they’ll also be an asset when the time comes to sell your house. Let’s face it, Kiwis love the outdoors – so why not create a space that allows the outdoor area usable all year round.

Ready to add a pergola to your house? Talk to the team at Undercover Industries – we are Mount Maunganui locals with a mission to help homeowners throughout the Tauranga area make the most of their backyards.

Made by Locals, Installed by Locals – For the Locals.