Time to Consider Your Outdoor Living Space as Spring Nears

Time to Consider Your Outdoor Living Space as Spring Nears

We are over the hump, and summer is on the way again! If you’ve been researching possible outdoor enhancements for your property, we know how easy it is to go down the rabbit hole of online information and come out more confused than when you started! Undercover Industries encourages you to take a break and shut the laptop – when you have finished reading this 🙂 The first step to discovering what will work for you is to pop outside and really look at the space you want to protect. Our Tauranga team are ready to get a free quote rolling, so check out these few things below and give us a call.

The Space

What area are you addressing? How big is it? What is it currently used for, and what do you want it to be used for? Whether it’s a small BBQ area that regularly fills up with guests “advising” the head cook or a deck and pool where the sun is too strong during the day, being clear about how the Tauranga team at Undercover Industries can improve your space is the first step in finding the right product.

Weather Conditions

Next, what are the main weather conditions you hope to mitigate – sun, wind, or rain? Here in NZ, with our harsh summer sun and wet and wild winters, we know the most common answer to this question is probably… all three! It pays to have a good think about your orientation and the time of year you are most likely to use the space; that should start to give you an idea as to whether you need a solid, structured Pergola or a sleek, subtle Shade Sail. Perhaps an adaptable feature like our Undercover Industries Retractable Awnings will work best – or maybe some elegant Outdoor Blinds will be fit for purpose.

Style of Home

Next, think style. Do you have a traditional wooden villa or a minimalist contemporary monolith? Is your home all clean lines and white walls or warm brick and tile? What style of roof do you currently have? When making a choice between pergolas, shade sails, awnings, or blinds, ensuring a sympathetic aesthetic is achieved is important. In Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty, outdoor entertaining is high up on the list.

At Undercover Industries, we can tailor a solution to show off and enhance your property, not detract from it. And with our wide range of possible shapes, finishes and colour options, you’re sure to find your perfect match.
Undercover Industries in Tauranga has a shade solution for all your needs from grand to purely practical, and with the Undercover Industries 10-year guarantee, you get an outdoor enhancement with built-in peace of mind.