The Best Shade Solutions for Tauranga Homes

The Best Shade Solutions for Tauranga Homes

Tauranga, with its vibrant sunsets and mild, temperate climate, is an ideal location to enjoy year-round outdoor living. However, to truly relish this luxury, the right shade solutions are essential. Undercover Industries, based right here in New Zealand, is a leader in crafting bespoke, high-quality shade systems that not only protect from UV rays, rain, and wind but also enhance the aesthetics of your home. Here’s how we can transform your outdoor space into a stylish, functional retreat for all seasons.

Premium Design and Quality

At Undercover Industries, we believe in the power of great design and the quality of materials used. Our products are engineered to withstand Tauranga’s diverse weather conditions—be it the harsh summer sun or the unpredictable winter showers. With a focus on premium materials such as high-grade 6061 T6 aluminium and UV-resistant fabrics, our shade solutions offer durability and functionality without compromising on style.

Pergolas: Elegance Meets Practicality

The Undercover Pergola System

Our pergolas are constructed from robust 3mm rectangle hollow aluminium lengths, ensuring long-lasting strength and resilience. The full immersion chromate pre-treatment and powder coating in your choice of colour from the Dulux range guarantee a finish that is not only visually appealing but also weather-resistant.

Flat Roof Pergolas

Our flat roof pergolas (also known as mono-pitch pergolas) are designed to blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture. These structures can pitch in any direction, following your deck line around corners, making them ideal for any space, no matter how complex the layout.

Gable Pergolas
For those seeking grandeur, our Gable Pergolas are a perfect choice. They extend your living space and elevate your outdoor area’s aesthetics, harmonizing with your existing gable structures to create a statement of sophistication.

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds: Revolutionizing Outdoor Spaces

Experience the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living with our Ziptrak blinds. Known for their ease of use, courtesy of a track-guided, no-zips system, these blinds offer a clean look and unmatched functionality, transforming your patio or deck into a versatile, all-weather living area.

Shade Sails: Broad Functionality

Our premium quality sun shade sails are designed to cover vast areas, from small residential spaces to large commercial settings. These sails provide up to 99% UV protection and 97% shade, making them a smart choice for schools, businesses, and homes across the Bay of Plenty.

Awnings: Flexible and Stylish

Our Lateral Arm Awnings are another flexible option, perfect for those who want adjustable shade. Made from top-tier materials, these awnings can be retracted when not in use, offering convenience and longevity. With a wide range of colors available in both the fabric and aluminium components, these systems can be customized to match any exterior decor.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

Undercover Industries specializes in creating environments that reflect the lifestyles of our customers in Tauranga and the surrounding areas. From the sleek and modern pergolas to the practical and aesthetically pleasing Ziptrak blinds, our solutions are tailored to enhance the usability and beauty of your outdoor spaces.

As you plan to upgrade or design your outdoor living areas, consider the protection, functionality, and style that Undercover Industries can bring. With our expertly engineered systems, you can ensure that your home not only stands out but also provides a comfortable, protected haven throughout the year.

Experience the difference with our bespoke shade solutions—where design, durability, and quality elevate your outdoor living to new heights, making every moment at home an opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of Tauranga, regardless of the season.