Add Value to Your Property Through Undercover Industries

Add Value to Your Property Through Undercover Industries

When you are thinking about selling your property there are lots of things you can do to make it more attractive to buyers. At Undercover Industries in Mount Maunganui we are experts in creating great spaces for socialising and everyday enjoyment around your home. If you are thinking of ordering a costly renovation, overhauling your bathroom or kitchen, or repainting the whole house, take a minute to give Undercover Industries a call.

Choose The Team That Have You Covered

What if you could add space to your home without paying for a costly addition? At Undercover Industries we have a number of great options to choose for that will enhance your under used patio, deck or lawn area without costing you an arm and a leg. For instance, have you taken a look at our great range of pergolas? Imagine creating a flow through the back door to that slab of concrete you refer to as ‘the deck’ but never actually use. It may be that the best spot in your yard to sit and enjoy some time out is exposed to the elements to the point where you actually don’t go out there.

Save Money and Make Money

In Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty we love the great outdoors, and if you are finding yourself down at the local cafe a few times a day just to enjoy the shady outdoor area, you are throwing money down the drain – something your financial adviser would surely have something to say about. Undercover Industries are ready to come and measure up your patio for one of our great Aluminium Curved Pergola systems today. These are durable enough to give you shelter during a storm, the 99.9% UV protection means you can safely sit out for hours, and they are coated in your colour choice from Dulux to enhance the appearance of your home.

Alfresco Ambience

When you add a pergola to your property you add value, buyers come through and they want to be able to picture the kind of lifestyle that is possible for them if they buy your home. At Undercover Industries we have a bunch of great options to help you create that dream Alfresco dining area, for instance, you can install Ziptrak Blinds with your new pergola to enclose your outdoor space and make the evenings something special. Add some potted colour or an exotic palm and you have created a magic moment that will have prospective buyers reaching for their wallets!

Get in touch with Undercover Industries in Tauranga now to discuss all the ways we can help you add value to your property – you may even decide to stay!