Protect Yourself from UV Rays With a Pergola

Protect Yourself from UV Rays With a Pergola

If you’ve read the news recently, you might have heard that NZ’s UV levels are higher than ever. While us Kiwis have always been urged to slip, slap, and slop, experts are warning that we need to be more careful than ever this summer.

Luckily, Undercover Industries – your local manufacturer of top-quality aluminium pergolas – has a solution to keep you safe from the harsh sun’s rays while still letting you enjoy the season here in the Bay of Plenty.

But first…why is the UV so bad this year?

You know that hole in the ozone layer? The one that sits right over our part of the world and causes us to be among the most sunburned and skin damaged folk in the world? Well, bad news – it’s getting worse.

While chemicals like the now-discontinued CFCs contributed to the hole in the first place, scientists believe the Tongan volcanic eruption in January could be to thank for further thinning the ozone layer. Whatever the cause, in NZ, it’s more important than ever to protect ourselves this summer.

Our pergolas offer 99.9 percent UV protection

Now, time for some good news. Our pergolas provide 99.9 percent protection from UV rays. That means if you’re in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Te Puke and Papamoa, you can still enjoy your backyard to the fullest without worrying about the sun.

Our pergolas are made using top grade Alysnite roofing material. They looks good; won’t rust; are built to withstand high winds; shelter you from the rain; AND provide almost 100 percent protection!

Your pergola options

Being sun smart is important to you, but we know that you also want a pergola that suits your home’s unique character. That’s why we’ve got plenty of pergolas to choose from, including curved, mono-pitched, and gabled pergolas. Different styles, same benefit – a beautiful outdoor area that you can endlessly enjoy, even with these worrying UV rays.

Enhance the sun protection of your backyard

Once you’ve got your new outdoor dining or lounging spot sorted, safe and sound from nearly all the sun’s rays, you might start looking around the rest of your yard, wondering how you can add more shade beyond your pergola.

Adding a retractable awning or a shade sail can let you cover a section of the swimming pool, garden, or yard so that even more of your property is usable and enjoyable this summer.

Make the most of your yard

If your eyes keep jumping from your uncovered backyard to that big bold sun, it’s probably time to get a pergola put up. Talk to Undercover Industries, the team manufacturing and installing high quality, custom-made, UV ray-safe pergolas across Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, and the wider Bay of Plenty.