Introducing Our New Shade Sails and The Many Benefits They Bring

Introducing Our New Shade Sails and The Many Benefits They Bring

New to the Undercover Industries family is our line of high-quality shade sails designed in-house to suit NZ’s – and specifically the Bay of Plenty’s – wild, coastal weather. These are no average shade sails, they are a lot more than a tarpaulin strewn haphazardly over a few poles! No, our durable, stylish, waterproof and versatile shade sails are the real deal. Read on to learn about our newest product and the benefits they bring.

Unbeatable performance

Our shade sails are custom-made and specifically designed to offer shade over your outdoor space, whatever the size. They are made from high density poly-ethylene – a fabric of the highest quality that is both fray and tear resistant. This fabric range has been used for over 20 years in NZ and is now also used by many other countries around the globe.

An attractive feature

At Undercover Industries, we understand that you want your outdoor area to look good, and this includes pergolas, awnings, outdoor blinds and shade sails. When you get one of our shade sails installed it isn’t just functional, it’ll be a stylish feature in your yard as well. With 24 colours to choose from, you can achieve the precise outdoor aesthetic you’re after.

Sun protection

What’s the point of shade if you’ll get burnt under it anyway? That NZ sun is pretty strong, so keeping Kiwis safe while enjoying time outside is a huge priority to us. Our shade sails offer up to 99% UV protection and cover up to 97% of your chosen spot.


Wherever you need shade, our sails can almost certainly work. Do you want to cover your backyard sandpit, pool or patio? Is it to offer your staff some comfort during their break or to keep kids safe at daycare? Big or small, residential or commercial, our customised designs mean we’ve got you covered, literally.

Professional installation

Stainless steel fixings and powder-coated, galvanised poles installed by our sail canopy specialists will ensure a professional look. Plus, we will only cut the fabric once the poles are installed for a perfect fit.

Need some help with removal or maintenance?

Are you moving house, changing your landscaping or keen to take the sun sail down at certain times of the year? We can take care of this for you, too! We offer annual services for re-installation and removal, inspection and cleaning – just chat to the team about your particular needs.

Complete your outdoor space with shade sails

Whether you want a sun shade sail in your backyard, at your business or over a playground, speak to Undercover Industries, Tauranga and Mount Maunganui’s shade sail canopy specialists.

How to Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Wintry Oasis

How to Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Wintry Oasis

While we all know the benefits of a sun shade in summer, the true beauty of a pergola is that it lets you enjoy the outdoors all year long. In winter, a shaded outdoor space means that while everyone else is stuck inside, you can continue to enjoy the Bay of Plenty’s abundant fresh air and sunshine. Follow these six tips to transform your awning into a wintry oasis that you’ll never want to leave.

Keep toasty warm

Just as you use your fireplace or heat pump indoors, one of the best ways to feel comfortable under your awning is by staying warm. There are plenty of heating options on offer, from electric patio heaters to gas heaters to fire bowls, all of which would work wonders under your outdoor pergola. Or opt for an outdoor fireplace, brazier or pizza oven which not only offer heat but will let you keep cooking outside too.

Embrace a wintry aesthetic

Use cushions and rugs, tablecloths and blankets to give your awning a wintry feel. You might even want to change the potted plants you have adorning your patio, displaying wintry wonders like calendulas and violas. Just don’t be surprised if your mates or boss suggest the mid-winter Christmas party is held at your place!

Lighten up

You’re going to need more than sunshine if you plan on staying outside past 4pm in the heart of winter. Invest in some good quality lighting to keep your pergola visible and safe. Whether you choose fairy lights or lanterns, fence lighting or chandeliers, we recommend a soft, warm light to complement the nature around you.

Switch the drinks on offer

Swap the beers and lemonade you had waiting in a chilly bin over summer for warming beverages instead. Bring out a pot of hot water for your morning tea, cook your moka pot coffee on the BBQ or warm the cockles with a delicious mulled wine.

Keep the leaves away

While we may not get snow in the Bay of Plenty, we get a fair share of wind. Keep your pergola free of the fallen leaves that will inevitable get blown around your yard by having the broom or leaf blower handy. If clean-up is not your thing, outdoor blinds along the exposed edges of your awning will mean that the pesky leaves don’t have an entry point to get there in the first place.

Install outdoor blinds

Speaking of blinds…outdoor blinds are hands-down the best way to make your pergola useful over the cold months ahead. At Undercover Industries, our mesh Ziptrak® blinds will enclose your outdoor space, making it sheltered and warm for winter use.

Want an awning this winter?

An outdoor wintry oasis sounds pretty good, right? If you want one of NZ’s best pergolas installed at your house in Tauranga or Mount Maunganui, give Undercover Industries a call.

Complete Your Outdoor Space with Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Complete Your Outdoor Space with Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Here at Undercover Industries, we proudly design and install the best pergolas in the Bay of Plenty. If you want to perfect your outdoor space and make it usable year-round with outdoor blinds, it makes sense to install a product as good as your pergola. That’s why we only supply the best brand on the market – Ziptrak outdoor blinds.

NZ’s favourite outdoor blind

Ziptrak outdoor blinds are an unparalleled option when it comes to convenient, quality, outdoor protection. These retractable mesh blinds include a spring-assisted guided track channel system to offer relief from sun, wind and rain.

Standing head and shoulders above any competitor on the market, these outdoor blinds will complete your outdoor space. Here’s why:

Shade, privacy and protection

It goes without saying that Ziptrak provides plenty of shade and privacy to your outdoor space. Really, these two features are the reason outdoor blinds exist, so of course Ziptrak delivers.

Where other outdoor blinds have gaps on either side that let wind, dust, insects and rain sneak in, Ziptrak connects at the sides for complete protection. Having no gaps turns your pergola into an oasis, no matter what is happening outside.

Easy to use

Outdoor blinds that are frustrating to use will soon be abandoned. That’s why Ziptrak blinds have a simple, innovative, non-crank handle that increases the ease and comfort of your ourdoor area. Ziptrak’s patented system is intuitive and effortless to use.

No rattling

These blinds are secured in place so they won’t rattle in the wind or the rain. You can alter the height of the blinds, leaving them raised up high to let some breeze or sunshine in, or locked down low – either way they won’t clatter and shake.

Reduce energy bill

Ziptrak lets you bring shade to your pergola in summer and allow heat to enter and radiate in winter. They stop excess heat from entering your home in the warmer months, and help trap the warmth inside in the cooler ones, reducing your reliance on the heat pump. The end result is lower energy bills and a reduced impact on the planet.

Architectural design

Get Undercover Industries to install Ziptrak blinds into your pergola and you’ll enjoy professional and discreet design. Recessed into columns and ceiling cavities, these retractable blinds can seamlessly integrate into any of our awnings.

Use the outdoor blinds commercial businesses use

Ziptrak is the outdoor blind of choice for restaurants and cafes who need robust, attractive and easy-to-use blinds.

Talk to Undercover Industries about your outdoor blinds

As we head into Tauranga’s cooler months, adding some outdoor blinds into your pergola will let you make the most of this space year-round. Talk to Undercover Industries about perfecting your outdoor space with Ziptrak.

Why Aluminium Pergolas are the Only Option in Coastal Towns

There’s nothing like living in a coastal town. Sure, the salty sea spray might rust your car quicker, but having the beautiful beach in your own backyard more than makes up for it. As Tauranga locals, we’ve learnt that the trick to living by the ocean is to not fight nature, but to lean into the salty air and soil that come with a coastal climate.

This philosophy is what lead the team at Undercover Industries to exclusively use aluminium in our pergolas. We work with our coastal conditions, building awnings across the Bay of Plenty that families will enjoy for years to come.

Here’s why aluminium is an absolute necessity for pergolas in coastal towns.

Pergolas – what are your options?

There are three major options when building a sun shade: timber, steel and aluminium.

Option 1: timber

Wood is the classic option for a simple, easy-to-build awning. The likely choice for a DIY project, timber is accessible, affordable and easy to work with. The problem is it also twists and buckles, splits, warps and rots. So, if it’s a quick and dirty, one-season wonder that you want to build yourself, have a go. But if you want a long-lasting, durable pergola, use metal.

Option 2: steel

Known for its strength, steel is a great material to use in pergolas as long as you live far away from the sea. Steel’s weakness is that it rusts. Steel is extra vulnerable in places like Tauranga, where the salty ocean air causes it to corrode ten times faster than in-land air. Companies with steel based pergola’s will only offer a 1-5 year maximum warranty, as steel has such a short term lifespan outdoors

Option 3: aluminium

Aluminium is the gold standard for pergolas in coastal climates. It’s lightweight yet strong, it won’t rust even in the harsh salty seaside cities we love to live in. It is low maintenance, attractive and durable. We’ve looked at the issue from every angle – aluminium really is the only option for beautiful pergolas that will stand the test of time.

Our top grade aluminium awnings

Without getting too technical, the aluminium we use on your pergola is the highest possible quality. Here’s a few of our aluminium’s stand out qualities:

• The same structural grade that aircrafts use, with high tensile strength so it’s lightweight yet very strong.
• Powder coated with premium Dulux powders.
• Pre-treated with a chromate solution.
• TIG welded components assembled in-house for ultimate strength and durability.

Talk to Undercover Industries today

We have recently replaced a steel-based pergola that had badly rusted and know how important it is to get it right the first time. As an aluminium based engineering and fabrication company in Mt Maunganui, we understand the climate, only use aluminium and always install top quality products. Give us a call today: 07-925-9865.

Keeping Your Outdoor Area Cool as Summer Heat Takes Hold

Keeping Your Outdoor Area Cool as Summer Heat Takes Hold

With temperatures climbing into the 30s, it’s safe to say that we are feeling the heat in Tauranga this summer! Don’t get stuck indoors with the A/C on – there are plenty of ways to enjoy your home’s outdoor area. Follow these seven tips from the Undercover Industries team to keep you cool as the mercury continues to soar.

Get a Pergola

Having a pergola is hands-down the best way to enjoy this hot and dry Kiwi summer. By definition, sun shades offer relief from relentless heat, but the technology we use at Undercover Industries reduces 67 percent of the heat under your awning. We have curved pergola, mono pitch roof pergola and gable pergola systems that we can custom to your needs.

Lay Outdoor Rugs

The decking beyond the protection of your awning can be awfully hot in the scorching sun. If you’re tip toeing, prancing and dancing across any part of your outdoor area, try an outdoor rug. Choose breathable fibres like wool or cotton for rugs that won’t absorb the heat, protecting sensitive feet in those exposed spaces between pergola and garden.

Choose Your Pavers Wisely

If you are doing any landscaping work this summer, pavers that stay cool in the heat will enhance the comfort of your outdoor space. Try stone pavers that naturally absorb less heat, or opt for pavers primed with heat-resistant paint.

Scatter Some Potted Plants

Acting like a natural A/C unit, plants are so clever that they can actually reduce the sun’s heat by several degrees. If you want to bring the temperature of your outdoor area down, add some potted plants under and around your pergola. As an added benefit, plants also freshen the air and lend an oasis-like feel to your undercover space.

Move your BBQ

If you normally keep the BBQ underneath your pergola, find a new spot for it on scorching days. It’s typically fine to cook under your awning, but on sizzling days it will add to the heat. Move the unit somewhere close enough to be convenient but far enough to keep your shaded space cool.

Install Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Your pergola helps reduce heat under the awning’s cover, but when the weather is especially hot, pairing your pergola with outdoor mesh blinds will work wonders. Our Ziptrak outdoor blind systems are the perfect way to enclose your outdoor area for comfort and style.

Make a Splash

Never underestimate the cooling effect of water. While a swimming pool will beat the heat in an instant, even small water fixtures in the garden can cool you down considerably. It doesn’t matter if it’s not big enough for a dip, the sound of running water on a tiered fountain or backyard water feature will trick your mind into feeling misty relief.

Feeling the heat? Talk to Undercover Industries about getting a pergola or outdoor blinds installed at your Tauranga or Mt Maunganui home this summer.

Undercover Industries Cleans Up at the 2019 Most Trusted Tauranga Business Awards

Undercover Industries Cleans Up at the 2019 Most Trusted Tauranga Business Awards

The Most Trusted Business Awards helps Kiwis know which businesses to trust. Voted by the public, they are incredibly competitive with heaps of excellent local businesses hoping to be crowned as the most trusted business in their industry, or win the title of Most Trusted Business in their region.

The team at Undercover Industries was stoked to take home three awards last year:

Most Trusted Home Extension Business 2019
Most Trusted Tauranga Business 2019
• And the big award of the night…Most Trusted Overall Winner out of all regions!

All 3 awards are confirmed on the Most Trusted website.

“We are so proud to win not only the Most Trusted Business 2019 in our category, but the top in the Tauranga region and the top over all the regions,” – Shannon and Gavyn Burns.

Trust is Important to Us

We started Undercover Industries with the goal of bringing quality pergolas, awnings and shade covers to our community. After all, there’s nothing Kiwis love more than spending time outside! As a family-run business, we have always wanted to do right by our neighbours, helping families enjoy time at home to the fullest.

What Makes Undercover Industries Trustworthy?

We had 87 customer reviews from across Tauranga vouching for us, proving that our close-knit company is committed to quality and customer service. As Shannon and Gavyn put it:

“We wouldn’t have the amazing reviews we have without our amazing team behind Undercover. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing team Ezra, Mitch and Bronwen! We will continue to strive to deliver nothing but the best Undercover solutions for your home, with the best service.”

Here are a few of the factors that makes our top-notch team so trusted:

• We custom design every product – your awning is built for your home
• As locals, we understand Tauranga’s coastal climate and build pergolas to suit
• Manufactured and installed by our experienced and qualified fabrication engineers
• We offer 10-year guarantee
• We are passionate perfectionists
• We offer free onsite measures and quotes

Need Some Shade?

Thank you, Tauranga, for trusting us to bring awesome awnings to your home! If you’re looking for a pergola, outdoor blinds or gates, talk to the shade cover specialists at Undercover Industries.