Why Aluminium Pergolas are the Only Option in Coastal Towns

There’s nothing like living in a coastal town. Sure, the salty sea spray might rust your car quicker, but having the beautiful beach in your own backyard more than makes up for it. As Tauranga locals, we’ve learnt that the trick to living by the ocean is to not fight nature, but to lean into the salty air and soil that come with a coastal climate.

This philosophy is what lead the team at Undercover Industries to exclusively use aluminium in our pergolas. We work with our coastal conditions, building awnings across the Bay of Plenty that families will enjoy for years to come.

Here’s why aluminium is an absolute necessity for pergolas in coastal towns.

Pergolas – what are your options?

There are three major options when building a sun shade: timber, steel and aluminium.

Option 1: timber

Wood is the classic option for a simple, easy-to-build awning. The likely choice for a DIY project, timber is accessible, affordable and easy to work with. The problem is it also twists and buckles, splits, warps and rots. So, if it’s a quick and dirty, one-season wonder that you want to build yourself, have a go. But if you want a long-lasting, durable pergola, use metal.

Option 2: steel

Known for its strength, steel is a great material to use in pergolas as long as you live far away from the sea. Steel’s weakness is that it rusts. Steel is extra vulnerable in places like Tauranga, where the salty ocean air causes it to corrode ten times faster than in-land air. Companies with steel based pergola’s will only offer a 1-5 year maximum warranty, as steel has such a short term lifespan outdoors

Option 3: aluminium

Aluminium is the gold standard for pergolas in coastal climates. It’s lightweight yet strong, it won’t rust even in the harsh salty seaside cities we love to live in. It is low maintenance, attractive and durable. We’ve looked at the issue from every angle – aluminium really is the only option for beautiful pergolas that will stand the test of time.

Our top grade aluminium awnings

Without getting too technical, the aluminium we use on your pergola is the highest possible quality. Here’s a few of our aluminium’s stand out qualities:

• The same structural grade that aircrafts use, with high tensile strength so it’s lightweight yet very strong.
• Powder coated with premium Dulux powders.
• Pre-treated with a chromate solution.
• TIG welded components assembled in-house for ultimate strength and durability.

Talk to Undercover Industries today

We have recently replaced a steel-based pergola that had badly rusted and know how important it is to get it right the first time. As an aluminium based engineering and fabrication company in Mt Maunganui, we understand the climate, only use aluminium and always install top quality products. Give us a call today: 07-925-9865.

Keeping Your Outdoor Area Cool as Summer Heat Takes Hold

Keeping Your Outdoor Area Cool as Summer Heat Takes Hold

With temperatures climbing into the 30s, it’s safe to say that we are feeling the heat in Tauranga this summer! Don’t get stuck indoors with the A/C on – there are plenty of ways to enjoy your home’s outdoor area. Follow these seven tips from the Undercover Industries team to keep you cool as the mercury continues to soar.

Get a Pergola

Having a pergola is hands-down the best way to enjoy this hot and dry Kiwi summer. By definition, sun shades offer relief from relentless heat, but the technology we use at Undercover Industries reduces 67 percent of the heat under your awning. We have curved pergola, mono pitch roof pergola and gable pergola systems that we can custom to your needs.

Lay Outdoor Rugs

The decking beyond the protection of your awning can be awfully hot in the scorching sun. If you’re tip toeing, prancing and dancing across any part of your outdoor area, try an outdoor rug. Choose breathable fibres like wool or cotton for rugs that won’t absorb the heat, protecting sensitive feet in those exposed spaces between pergola and garden.

Choose Your Pavers Wisely

If you are doing any landscaping work this summer, pavers that stay cool in the heat will enhance the comfort of your outdoor space. Try stone pavers that naturally absorb less heat, or opt for pavers primed with heat-resistant paint.

Scatter Some Potted Plants

Acting like a natural A/C unit, plants are so clever that they can actually reduce the sun’s heat by several degrees. If you want to bring the temperature of your outdoor area down, add some potted plants under and around your pergola. As an added benefit, plants also freshen the air and lend an oasis-like feel to your undercover space.

Move your BBQ

If you normally keep the BBQ underneath your pergola, find a new spot for it on scorching days. It’s typically fine to cook under your awning, but on sizzling days it will add to the heat. Move the unit somewhere close enough to be convenient but far enough to keep your shaded space cool.

Install Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Your pergola helps reduce heat under the awning’s cover, but when the weather is especially hot, pairing your pergola with outdoor mesh blinds will work wonders. Our Ziptrak outdoor blind systems are the perfect way to enclose your outdoor area for comfort and style.

Make a Splash

Never underestimate the cooling effect of water. While a swimming pool will beat the heat in an instant, even small water fixtures in the garden can cool you down considerably. It doesn’t matter if it’s not big enough for a dip, the sound of running water on a tiered fountain or backyard water feature will trick your mind into feeling misty relief.

Feeling the heat? Talk to Undercover Industries about getting a pergola or outdoor blinds installed at your Tauranga or Mt Maunganui home this summer.

Undercover Industries Cleans Up at the 2019 Most Trusted Tauranga Business Awards

Undercover Industries Cleans Up at the 2019 Most Trusted Tauranga Business Awards

The Most Trusted Business Awards helps Kiwis know which businesses to trust. Voted by the public, they are incredibly competitive with heaps of excellent local businesses hoping to be crowned as the most trusted business in their industry, or win the title of Most Trusted Business in their region.

The team at Undercover Industries was stoked to take home three awards last year:

Most Trusted Home Extension Business 2019
Most Trusted Tauranga Business 2019
• And the big award of the night…Most Trusted Overall Winner out of all regions!

All 3 awards are confirmed on the Most Trusted website.

“We are so proud to win not only the Most Trusted Business 2019 in our category, but the top in the Tauranga region and the top over all the regions,” – Shannon and Gavyn Burns.

Trust is Important to Us

We started Undercover Industries with the goal of bringing quality pergolas, awnings and shade covers to our community. After all, there’s nothing Kiwis love more than spending time outside! As a family-run business, we have always wanted to do right by our neighbours, helping families enjoy time at home to the fullest.

What Makes Undercover Industries Trustworthy?

We had 87 customer reviews from across Tauranga vouching for us, proving that our close-knit company is committed to quality and customer service. As Shannon and Gavyn put it:

“We wouldn’t have the amazing reviews we have without our amazing team behind Undercover. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing team Ezra, Mitch and Bronwen! We will continue to strive to deliver nothing but the best Undercover solutions for your home, with the best service.”

Here are a few of the factors that makes our top-notch team so trusted:

• We custom design every product – your awning is built for your home
• As locals, we understand Tauranga’s coastal climate and build pergolas to suit
• Manufactured and installed by our experienced and qualified fabrication engineers
• We offer 10-year guarantee
• We are passionate perfectionists
• We offer free onsite measures and quotes

Need Some Shade?

Thank you, Tauranga, for trusting us to bring awesome awnings to your home! If you’re looking for a pergola, outdoor blinds or gates, talk to the shade cover specialists at Undercover Industries.

Christmas Hosting Tips for Sun Shade Owners

Christmas Hosting Tips for Sun Shade Owners

If you have a sun shade, there’s a good chance Christmas is at your place this year – and for good reason. Sun shade systems are the best way to make everyone happy and comfortable, making for an enjoyable Christmas Day for all.

For all of you shade owners, we have come up with some hosting tips that will help you make the most of your pergola this Christmas. And from everyone at Undercover Industries, Mount Maunganui’s shade cover specialist, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Open Up the Space Under your Pergola

If the area under your sun shade is set up for a family of four, you’re going to have to rearrange to create additional space under the shade to accommodate your guests. Remove furniture that you don’t need and bring out the extra folding chairs stowed away in the garage; put some floor cushions out for the kids and move bulky planters to the lawn.

Prepare for the Weather

While a sunny Christmas is what we’re hoping for here in Tauranga, the reality is some years the weather gods just don’t play ball. The beauty of a pergola is that you can host Christmas outside regardless of sun, wind or rain.

If sunshine is in the forecast, the sun shade will do most of the work for you, but make sure your guests are taken care of by providing plenty of fluids for when people venture out from under the awning. If it’s looking wet, you might want to get the outdoor blinds set up and make sure all seating is well under cover. You don’t need to worry about wearing sunscreen as our pergola systems offer 99.99% UV protection.

Try Family Style

Our favourite way to host Christmas Day is to set up the food in the kitchen family style. Let people serve themselves inside before bringing their plates out to enjoy at the outdoor dining table under the sun shade. There are so many benefits of family style – the food is kept out of the hot sun and away from the flies, clean-up is easier, and the host can take a break too.

Have a Drinks Station

We love the idea of setting up a drinks station for your guests with a variety of options to choose from. If you have lots of room under the pergola, an outdoor drink cart is convenient, but feel free to keep this in the kitchen too. Offer some NZ Christmas Day staples like beer, punch and water, add a festive specialty drink like eggnog, and of course keep everyone hydrated with plenty of water. It’s the little touches like these that make Christmas memorable.

Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Bring some festive cheer to your pergola with candles and lights, potted plants and, if you’re really keen, a mistletoe. You can opt for full-on festive with ornaments and colourful Christmas lights or keep it simple with some delicate fairy lights.

Plan Some Activities

With your Undercover Industries sun shade, we’re betting that your guests are going to stay well past lunch time. Have some activities planned, especially for the kids. Get some board games out, dust off that old petanque set and make sure the cricket bat is on hand.

Merry Christmas!

From the whole team at Undercover Industries, Merry Christmas. We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season, and put that sun shade system to good use!

The Unexpected Rewards That Awnings Offer

The Unexpected Rewards That Awnings Offer

We all know the major benefits of pergolas – they transform backyards into magical, sheltered spaces perfect for relaxing and entertaining. This is the main attraction and the reason that the team at Undercover Industries has been busy building and installing awnings across Tauranga and Mount Maunganui all spring.

But it turns out, the benefits reach far wider than offering shaded outdoor space in summer, so we thought we’d share some of the more unexpected rewards that awnings have brought to families across the BOP.

The Dog will be Happy

Even dogs like our awnings – who knew?! The summer heat can be hard for our four-legged friends who love spending time outdoors but suffer from the unrelenting heat. While dogs tend to chase the shade around the backyard like a sundial, Undercover Industries’ awnings are helping the family pet find some reprieve from the sun while still staying nice and close to the family.

Enjoy Spending Time Outdoors Even in the Rain

Many NZ families want sun shades to enjoy staying outside for longer during those stunning cloudless days. But when they get a pergola installed, they are surprised to find that they actually enjoy the outdoors more regardless of the weather. The beauty of a well-designed awning is that it creates an outdoor living space even when it’s drizzling down, so you can enjoy that delicious rain smell and the sound of falling raindrops without getting wet.

Plants Are Healthier

The sizzling summer sun can be harsh on the backyard garden – especially if you have shade-loving plants. Awnings lets in enough sunlight for the plants to thrive without being baked to a crisp. The beauty of a pergola is that it actually offers additional space for greenery – it’s perfect for potted plants, vertical gardens and creepers.

Discover Your New Reading Nook

Another unexpected delight – clients have found a newfound love of reading outside. Without a sun shade, outdoors reading isn’t all that relaxing as you are frequently squinting and moving your chair every time the sun peeks out from behind a cloud. With awnings, you can enjoy the tranquility of reading outdoors without worrying about hats, sunglasses or sunburn.

My House’s Value Went Up

Awnings are a worthy investment! Because they are aesthetically pleasing, achieve that Kiwi dream of indoor-outdoor flow and turn any house into an entertainer’s dream, quality pergolas actually increase the value of Tauranga and Mount Maunganui homes.

Ready to discover the hidden benefits an awning will bring? Talk to the team at Undercover Industries.