Time to Consider Your Outdoor Living Space as Spring Nears

Time to Consider Your Outdoor Living Space as Spring Nears

We are over the hump, and summer is on the way again! If you’ve been researching possible outdoor enhancements for your property, we know how easy it is to go down the rabbit hole of online information and come out more confused than when you started! Undercover Industries encourages you to take a break and shut the laptop – when you have finished reading this 🙂 The first step to discovering what will work for you is to pop outside and really look at the space you want to protect. Our Tauranga team are ready to get a free quote rolling, so check out these few things below and give us a call.

The Space

What area are you addressing? How big is it? What is it currently used for, and what do you want it to be used for? Whether it’s a small BBQ area that regularly fills up with guests “advising” the head cook or a deck and pool where the sun is too strong during the day, being clear about how the Tauranga team at Undercover Industries can improve your space is the first step in finding the right product.

Weather Conditions

Next, what are the main weather conditions you hope to mitigate – sun, wind, or rain? Here in NZ, with our harsh summer sun and wet and wild winters, we know the most common answer to this question is probably… all three! It pays to have a good think about your orientation and the time of year you are most likely to use the space; that should start to give you an idea as to whether you need a solid, structured Pergola or a sleek, subtle Shade Sail. Perhaps an adaptable feature like our Undercover Industries Retractable Awnings will work best – or maybe some elegant Outdoor Blinds will be fit for purpose.

Style of Home

Next, think style. Do you have a traditional wooden villa or a minimalist contemporary monolith? Is your home all clean lines and white walls or warm brick and tile? What style of roof do you currently have? When making a choice between pergolas, shade sails, awnings, or blinds, ensuring a sympathetic aesthetic is achieved is important. In Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty, outdoor entertaining is high up on the list.

At Undercover Industries, we can tailor a solution to show off and enhance your property, not detract from it. And with our wide range of possible shapes, finishes and colour options, you’re sure to find your perfect match.
Undercover Industries in Tauranga has a shade solution for all your needs from grand to purely practical, and with the Undercover Industries 10-year guarantee, you get an outdoor enhancement with built-in peace of mind.

Making Space for Growing Families with Undercover Industries

Making Space for Growing Families with Undercover Industries

If you are raising a family, you may find that you all need a bit more space once your kids hit their teens! At Undercover Industries, we are the space makers, and we can help you transform an outdoor area into a ‘room’ that can be utilised all year round. For instance, if you want to make a bit of wriggle room for your teens, you could look at installing a Gable Pergola over your existing outdoor space.

Keep The Peace

In Tauranga, we are lucky to enjoy pretty great weather all year round; even across the winter months, if you have cover, you can still spend a bit of time outside. Creating a functional outdoor area for your teenagers means they can socialise with friends, work on projects or make a bit of noise with their instruments without disturbing the peace indoors. If you incorporate some Ziptrak Blinds, you can keep most of the weather out, add a few outdoor heaters, and you have a perfect solution when you need a little space from each other.

Pick And Choose

Undercover Industries Gable Pergolas come in a range of materials that bridge two roof edges or extend off a gabled roof. You could have your Gable Pergola made to measure from Custom Glaze 600, which offers a modern flat roof look with Clear, Diffused, Bronze or Grey Tints according to how much light and heat you want to be diffused into the space. This option can be cleverly positioned on the rafter so the rib is hidden from view. We also offer an Alysnite Laserlite construction which is a perfect solution for all year round and comes in a bronze or grey tint.

Outdoor Blinds for Extra Protection

Choosing an Undercover Industries Gable Pergola in combination with some of our outdoor blinds means you can fully enclose the extra space you have created. These are a durable option with a 5-year warranty on the mesh. If you want privacy and a no-gaps weather solution, this combination is going to suit you down to the ground. Giving yourself and your teenagers a little breathing room with Undercover Industries is a no brainer and we have all sorts of great ideas to extend your living!

Get in touch today to talk through some of the options that might work at your Tauranga home and up the harmony quotient with a smart install.

Add Greater Protection for Your Car with a Pergola

Add Greater Protection for Your Car with a Pergola

Undercover Industries reckons living in Tauranga, Papamoa and Mt Maunganui has so many wonderful advantages, we love this area and the climate has to be one of the major bonuses of the Bay of Plenty lifestyle. We are blessed with the world’s best Summer and while Winter throws up some pretty wild storms, we don’t really get that drop in temperature that can make the colder months miserable elsewhere.

Rust Never Sleeps

Coastal living does, however, come with a few specific challenges for your assets, and when it comes to your vehicle – or your boat – the old adage ‘rust never sleeps’ definitely applies! If you are lucky enough to have a garage on your property it becomes fairly simple to keep the weather off your car. If you don’t have a garage, or your garage is full of household overflow, Undercover Industries have a fantastic solution to ensure your everyday run around and your hobby vehicles have the best shot at keeping their shiny coat.

Aluminium Mono Pitch Roof Pergola

At Undercover Industries we have a Pergola, Awning or Shade Sail solution that will work to meet all your outdoor living requirements, and when it comes to the car or boat, we definitely have you covered! Our Aluminium Mono Pitch Roof Pergola Systems can be tailor made to house your toys and these systems are built strong to weather New Zealand’s dramatic coastal Winter storms. Utilising high grade 6061 T6 3mm hollow lengths ensures a tough and durable home for your vehicles, and we make them right here in Mt Maunganui, this means you can order bespoke sizing and details – right down to your choice of Dulux colour.

Extend Yourself

It’s not just wind and rain that degrade your vehicles’ exterior, harsh UV rays can dull paint work and accelerate the breakdown of rubber seals add other exterior features. When you choose an Undercover Industries custom Mono Pitch Pergola, you get a massive 99.9% UV protection guarantee. A Pergola doesn’t just extend your space, it also extends the life of your vehicle by providing protection from weather extremes all year round. So whatever the weather, you can drive in and relax, knowing Undercover Industries have applied local knowledge and provided a premium solution.

If you are pushed for space, we can help. Get in touch with Undercover Industries today to maximise your potential and protect your assets – and your toys.

How We’re Maximizing Smaller Outdoor Living Spaces

How We’re Maximizing Smaller Outdoor Living Spaces

The tiny home movement appears to have joined the mainstream as a viable housing option. The government has got on board with changes to the types of dwellings that need resource consent, and companies are springing up all over the country providing these incredibly popular structures in several different styles, sizes, and across a wide range of budgets. Undercover Industries are geared up to enhance your tiny living space with an excellent outdoor shade solution that will extend your living area and nail that all-important indoor/outdoor flow.

Living In Harmony

Whether you have decided to build your own home or move a ready-made home onto a patch of ground to start your new lifestyle, maximising your outdoor space is going to be the key to making the downsized lifestyle more enjoyable and functional – especially if you are sharing the area with a partner, a child – or both! Undercover Industries are experts in extending outdoor living, and we have some great products that will ensure you can take a little time for yourself no matter what the weather.

Protection From the Elements

Once you have your deck built, you will need to cover it; this will give you excellent sun protection and enable you to continue to entertain comfortably when friends come to check out your new place. Starting with an Undercover Industries Mono Pitch Pergola will kick off your outdoor living in style. These are constructed from high grade 6061 T6 aluminium, and they are designed specifically to deal with the weather extremes we deal with in the Bay of Plenty.

Stylish And Practical

The Mono Pitch Pergola can be custom built to fit your requirements, and they block out 99.9% of harmful UV rays. Undercover Industries will powder coat your pergola with the Dulux colour of your choice, and this is a superb option for increasing your living space when the weather closes in. Over the winter months, we also have a great add on solution to ensure you don’t lose the area to the elements.

The Winning Combination

Adding an Undercover Industries Undercover Ziptrak Outdoor Blind System to your Mono Pitch Pergola, in essence, creates an extra room. The Ziptrak system has no crank handle, zips or straps, and each set comes with a 5-year mesh warranty. There are some great colour options, so after installation, you will probably want to build another deck so that you can use the Mono Pitch Pergola/Ziptrak Blind System combo again!

Undercover Industries in Tauranga have all sorts of intelligent solutions to add dynamic space to your Tiny Home; get in touch today to chat with the professionals about how you can downsize in style.

Shade Sails – A Versatile Solution for Your Outdoor Space

Shade Sails – A Versatile Solution for Your Outdoor Space

Sometimes we have to make the most of what we have, and when it comes to our outdoor area, we may have a fabulous wrap-around deck or a large, manicured lawn, or we may have an awkwardly shaped patch of uneven concrete that catches the most searing heat the sun has to offer! If you are dealing with a less than ideal outdoor space Undercover Industries have a number of solutions that will see you on your way to creating something special.

Add Some Indoor/Outdoor Flow

If you are lacking somewhere outdoors to enjoy a bit of fresh air, lounge around in the shade with a book, or entertain friends or family, don’t worry, we have you covered! Figuring out the right shade solution can be the first step in working up a pretty special spot to linger through the long afternoons and into the balmy evening. Once you have your Shade Sail sorted you can work on the other features that will make your wee space sparkle!

Precision Protection

While you may not be able to fit a pergola or awning into an awkward spot, at Undercover Industries we have a great range of Shade Sails that can be custom designed for your spot. These are designed and manufactured right here in Tauranga and we don’t cut the fabric until all the poles are placed with perfect accuracy. You can choose from 24 different colours ranging from vibrant to subtle, and each shade guarantees up to 99% UV protection – which is essential in the Bay of Plenty!

Colour My World

You can match your Shade Sail to your exterior paint, or you can create a fun clash there and choose outdoor furniture that matches instead. Even if you only have space for a small table and a couple of chairs – or a sun lounger – that can be enough to give you that essential feeling of indoor/outdoor flow. Add a few potted plants (or a drinks trolley), and you may just grow to love that awkwardly shaped outdoor area. All our Shade Sails come with a 10-year warranty, the Undercover Industries team can come back a few years after installation, take the sail down, clean it, and pop it back up again – good as new.

Undercover Industries are locals working for locals. We understand the unique needs of the Tauranga climate and we love to work with what you’ve got. Get in touch today to start making the most of it!

Add Value to Your Property Through Undercover Industries

Add Value to Your Property Through Undercover Industries

When you are thinking about selling your property there are lots of things you can do to make it more attractive to buyers. At Undercover Industries in Mount Maunganui we are experts in creating great spaces for socialising and everyday enjoyment around your home. If you are thinking of ordering a costly renovation, overhauling your bathroom or kitchen, or repainting the whole house, take a minute to give Undercover Industries a call.

Choose The Team That Have You Covered

What if you could add space to your home without paying for a costly addition? At Undercover Industries we have a number of great options to choose for that will enhance your under used patio, deck or lawn area without costing you an arm and a leg. For instance, have you taken a look at our great range of pergolas? Imagine creating a flow through the back door to that slab of concrete you refer to as ‘the deck’ but never actually use. It may be that the best spot in your yard to sit and enjoy some time out is exposed to the elements to the point where you actually don’t go out there.

Save Money and Make Money

In Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty we love the great outdoors, and if you are finding yourself down at the local cafe a few times a day just to enjoy the shady outdoor area, you are throwing money down the drain – something your financial adviser would surely have something to say about. Undercover Industries are ready to come and measure up your patio for one of our great Aluminium Curved Pergola systems today. These are durable enough to give you shelter during a storm, the 99.9% UV protection means you can safely sit out for hours, and they are coated in your colour choice from Dulux to enhance the appearance of your home.

Alfresco Ambience

When you add a pergola to your property you add value, buyers come through and they want to be able to picture the kind of lifestyle that is possible for them if they buy your home. At Undercover Industries we have a bunch of great options to help you create that dream Alfresco dining area, for instance, you can install Ziptrak Blinds with your new pergola to enclose your outdoor space and make the evenings something special. Add some potted colour or an exotic palm and you have created a magic moment that will have prospective buyers reaching for their wallets!

Get in touch with Undercover Industries in Tauranga now to discuss all the ways we can help you add value to your property – you may even decide to stay!