How to Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Wintry Oasis

How to Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Wintry Oasis

While we all know the benefits of a sun shade in summer, the true beauty of a pergola is that it lets you enjoy the outdoors all year long. In winter, a shaded outdoor space means that while everyone else is stuck inside, you can continue to enjoy the Bay of Plenty’s abundant fresh air and sunshine. Follow these six tips to transform your awning into a wintry oasis that you’ll never want to leave.

Keep toasty warm

Just as you use your fireplace or heat pump indoors, one of the best ways to feel comfortable under your awning is by staying warm. There are plenty of heating options on offer, from electric patio heaters to gas heaters to fire bowls, all of which would work wonders under your outdoor pergola. Or opt for an outdoor fireplace, brazier or pizza oven which not only offer heat but will let you keep cooking outside too.

Embrace a wintry aesthetic

Use cushions and rugs, tablecloths and blankets to give your awning a wintry feel. You might even want to change the potted plants you have adorning your patio, displaying wintry wonders like calendulas and violas. Just don’t be surprised if your mates or boss suggest the mid-winter Christmas party is held at your place!

Lighten up

You’re going to need more than sunshine if you plan on staying outside past 4pm in the heart of winter. Invest in some good quality lighting to keep your pergola visible and safe. Whether you choose fairy lights or lanterns, fence lighting or chandeliers, we recommend a soft, warm light to complement the nature around you.

Switch the drinks on offer

Swap the beers and lemonade you had waiting in a chilly bin over summer for warming beverages instead. Bring out a pot of hot water for your morning tea, cook your moka pot coffee on the BBQ or warm the cockles with a delicious mulled wine.

Keep the leaves away

While we may not get snow in the Bay of Plenty, we get a fair share of wind. Keep your pergola free of the fallen leaves that will inevitable get blown around your yard by having the broom or leaf blower handy. If clean-up is not your thing, outdoor blinds along the exposed edges of your awning will mean that the pesky leaves don’t have an entry point to get there in the first place.

Install outdoor blinds

Speaking of blinds…outdoor blinds are hands-down the best way to make your pergola useful over the cold months ahead. At Undercover Industries, our mesh Ziptrak® blinds will enclose your outdoor space, making it sheltered and warm for winter use.

Want an awning this winter?

An outdoor wintry oasis sounds pretty good, right? If you want one of NZ’s best pergolas installed at your house in Tauranga or Mount Maunganui, give Undercover Industries a call.