Four Ways Pergolas Can Make Your Small Home Feel Bigger

Four Ways Pergolas Can Make Your Small Home Feel Bigger

From subdivided sections to new developments, there are plenty of smaller properties across Tauranga. But sometimes the best things come in small packages – you just need to know how to make the most out of every inch.

If you want to extend the size of your home without a major renovation, there’s nothing better than a pergola. Here’s four ways a pergola from Undercover Industries can make your small home feel bigger.

Pergolas extend your entertaining space

You probably feel the squeeze of your small house the most when you’re entertaining. If your house quickly fills up with guests, encourage the party to spill outside – everything feels bigger when you’ve got fresh air flowing.

If there’s nothing other than unrestrained sunshine and a patch of grass, there’s little incentive to head outside. But a pergola, with its offer of shade and comfortable outdoor seating, effortlessly draws people outdoors. It’ll get your guests out of the house and create a much more spacious feel.

Pergolas give you an extra room

If it feels a cramped and quaint inside your home, you might be willing to give up your left leg for an extra room. Luckily, you don’t have you – you just need to install a pergola! Whether you want to use it as a second dining room, a spare lounge, a rumpus room for the kids, or anything else you can dream up, by adding an extra room beyond the walls of your house, your house will feel much bigger.

Enhanced privacy for smaller sections

Many new developments in Tauranga have beautiful houses with many attributes – great location, insulation, modern open-plan designs. But what they’re lacking is privacy. If you find the proximity to your neighbours’ yard is stopping you from spending much time outside, why not install a pergola? It will create a barrier between your property and the one next door, and you can enhance the privacy further by setting your pergola up with outdoor blinds.

Value style over size with a pergola

Your section is small – so what? There are benefits to small sections, like less time wasted mowing your yard and mopping the floor. What you need to do is embrace the small size of your property and create a cosy, chic space that is far more elegant than a sprawling section.

Put some beautiful art on the walls. Implement a robust system to keep things tidy. Open the curtains and windows to bring natural light and fresh air into your house. And, best of all, set up a striking, stylish pergola in your back yard. Once you create an enjoyable, comfy space, you’ll be singing the praises of small sections!

Make the most of your property with a pergola

To extend the feel of your smaller Tauranga property, speak to the pergola specialists at Undercover Industries.