We all like a good deal. Especially these days, when a simple supermarket shop can break the bank, a bargain is always tempting. But there’s a time and a place for cutting corners, and if the price of a pergola seems too good to be true, it is.

Pergolas from Undercover Industries in Tauranga are made of top-grade structural aluminium, Alysnite roofing, and customised gutters and flashings. Trust us, these are not areas where you want to scrimp!

Because we believe all pergolas should be made of top-quality materials, we’re sharing five reasons why buying a cheap pergola is never worth it.

You don’t want a pergola that rusts or gets mouldy

Our pergolas are made of powder-coated aluminium for good reason – it’s strong and it doesn’t rust. It’s a durable, sturdy metal that will not warp or rot like wood, and it won’t rust like iron. Similarly, we don’t use cheap materials like twinwall which can quickly get mouldy. Nobody wants a mouldy, rusted pergola, which is why we don’t muck around when it comes to our materials.

It needs to withstand high winds and coastal conditions

As we sit here writing this list, the wind is blowing a gale and the rain is hammering down. The climate in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty can be wild, with coastal sea spray and incredibly high winds. Yes, you’ll enjoy your pergola the most on those stunning bluebird summer days, but you want it to stay upright even in our region’s strongest winds.

You’ll be replacing it way too soon

At Undercover Industries in Tauranga, whenever we replace poorly built pergolas with our high-quality ones, the home owners tell us they wish they bought a good one to start with. Cheap pergolas are not built to last; they’re not made of quality materials, and they’re not designed with our climate in mind. Buy a cheap pergola now and you’ll end up kicking yourself in a year or two when you pay to have it replaced with a proper pergola.

A quality pergola adds value – a cheap one detracts

A good quality pergola looks great and stands tall for years, decades even. It’s an asset, having a beautiful, shaded space as a permanent part of your home. That’s why installing one at your property is an investment that adds value to your house.

But the opposite is also true: a poorly built and designed pergola is something that a buyer will see as a chore. Something that needs to be fixed up or torn down, which takes away from your house’s value.

Backyard pride

Us Kiwis like being proud of our backyards. The glistening swimming pool, the blooming gardens, the trimmed grass. A quality pergola will take your backyard game up a notch, giving you an attractive shaded space in the yard to unwind and entertain. But a cheap one will not make you the envy of the street: instead of looking flawless and secure, it’ll look cheap and like a liability. This is the last thing you want after a recent home renovation you may have completed.

Get a well-made pergola from Undercover Industries

When it comes to pergolas, it pays to get a good one. If you’re interested in one of our top-of-the-line pergolas for your home, speak to our Tauranga-based team today.