Concerned about your shade sail in all these summer storms? We get it; there’s been one cyclone after the other, and your shade sails have been hit hard. Good news – if they are from Undercover Industries, you don’t have to worry, this stormy summer is not a problem.

Here’s a breakdown of the superior strength and quality of our shade sails – now let’s hope for some sunshine in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui so we can start getting good use out of them!

We know shade sails can handle the sun, but what about the wind?

It’s been quite the summer so far, hasn’t it? As each storm makes its way over NZ, you might be worried about whether or not your shade sail can withstand that level of wind.

But while this summer has been one of a kind, harsh conditions and wild winds are not new to the Bay of Plenty. That’s why all our products, from shade sails to pergolas to awnings, have designed and made with Tauranga’s climate in mind.

Shade sail fabric

Our shade sails are made from HDPE (high density poly-ethylene), which is an extremely durable material. The fabric is fray and tear resistant, and you can choose between weights of 196 and 320 GSM.

Our fabric has been used in NZ for over 20 years, and it has really proven itself as able to handle the country’s wildest conditions. To drive the point home, we offer a 10-year limited life warranty on our fabric, so should it succumb to the climate (it won’t), we’ve got you covered.

Fixings and poles

Your shade sails are adhered to strong, corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel and the poles are powder coated galvanised steel. In other words, our shade sails’ fixings and poles have all been specifically designed to cope with NZ’s harsh environment, and they are custom made to meet our high standards.

The installation of your shade sails

Installation is an important step in the security of a shade sail. It needs to be properly anchored and have sufficient tension, which is why we offer installation for all customers whether your shade sails are for a home, business, or educational centre. Plus, we don’t cut our fabric until the poles have been installed, which ensures the perfect fit.

Looking ahead

We’re optimists here at Undercover Industries – we believe that sunny weather is still to come! So, let’s go over why a shade sail is an awesome addition to your outdoor area:

• Our shade sails offer a shaded spot so you can enjoy being outside comfortably.
• They’re safe, too, offering 99 percent UV protection.
• They come in 24 colours and add style to your backyard.
• Shade sails are useful year-round – you might even use it more this winter!

Summer isn’t over yet – give Undercover Industries a call and we’ll get a shade sail set up at your Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, or Bay of Plenty property.