Nestled in the heart of New Zealand, Undercover Industries specialises in a unique retractable awning system, designed to let you enjoy the sun when you want and provide shade when you need. Manufactured in Tauranga, these lateral arm awnings offer an unparalleled blend of design, functionality, and durability. If you’re in Mt Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke, or anywhere in the Bay of Plenty, you’re in for a delightful treat.

Quality and Precision at Its Finest

A distinguishing feature of the Undercover Lateral Arm Awnings is the meticulous craftsmanship. Crafted from top-notch aluminium and stainless steel, these awnings promise longevity. The Docril acrylic canvas fabric accentuates the quality quotient with its UV resistance, waterproof properties, and sheer durability. With a staggering 10-year fabric guarantee, these awnings are a testament to longevity. Furthermore, the precision is impeccable, with the awning skins cut using a CNC plot/cut machine to ensure 100% accuracy. You can choose from a whopping 132 colours for the Docril fabric, ensuring that your awning resonates with your personal style. Want more? The aluminium components can be powder-coated in any hue of your choice, ensuring your new addition complements your deck or patio perfectly.

Innovation in Choice

Undercover Lateral Arm Awnings come in two variants: the semi-cassette Horizon Monobloc and the Fetuna full cassette option. Let’s delve deeper into what each has to offer:

Horizon Monobloc Awnings: Exuding European elegance, these awnings are a marriage of technology and style. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, they come with a 5-year guarantee. For those seeking to add a touch of finesse, the additional aluminium hood option provides an aesthetic enhancement while ensuring protection. Ideal for areas close to boundaries, the Horizon Monobloc is the go-to shade solution for Tauranga and Bay of Plenty residents.

Fetuna Cassette Awnings: Epitomising European sophistication, the Fetuna Cassette awnings are the pinnacle of Undercover’s offerings. Designed in France and custom-made in New Zealand, these awnings are equipped to handle the challenging Kiwi environment. The awning skin remains immaculate, shielded from the elements when retracted, ensuring minimal maintenance. With a 5-year guarantee, this is the ultimate shade oasis for homes radiating elegance.

Modern-Day Innovations

Manual operations can be charming, but for those who seek modern-day conveniences, these awnings can be automated with the cutting-edge Somfy automation system. Whether you’re using the Somfy app, a handheld remote, or leveraging wind and motion sensors, retracting the awnings during unpredictable weather becomes a breeze.

In a Nutshell

• Retract when you wish; extend when you need.
• Flaunts a commendable 5-year guarantee.
• Manual or automated – the choice is yours.
• Customised to perfection, ensuring a harmonious blend with your space.
• A palette of 132 awning colours to choose from.
• The ultimate shade solution for homes, restaurants, cafés, and more.

For those in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, Undercover Industries’ retractable lateral arm awnings are more than just a shade solution. They are a manifestation of style, durability, and modern-day convenience. Why wait? Extend your shade, the Undercover way.