With temperatures climbing into the 30s, it’s safe to say that we are feeling the heat in Tauranga this summer! Don’t get stuck indoors with the A/C on – there are plenty of ways to enjoy your home’s outdoor area. Follow these seven tips from the Undercover Industries team to keep you cool as the mercury continues to soar.

Get a Pergola

Having a pergola is hands-down the best way to enjoy this hot and dry Kiwi summer. By definition, sun shades offer relief from relentless heat, but the technology we use at Undercover Industries reduces 67 percent of the heat under your awning. We have curved pergola, mono pitch roof pergola and gable pergola systems that we can custom to your needs.

Lay Outdoor Rugs

The decking beyond the protection of your awning can be awfully hot in the scorching sun. If you’re tip toeing, prancing and dancing across any part of your outdoor area, try an outdoor rug. Choose breathable fibres like wool or cotton for rugs that won’t absorb the heat, protecting sensitive feet in those exposed spaces between pergola and garden.

Choose Your Pavers Wisely

If you are doing any landscaping work this summer, pavers that stay cool in the heat will enhance the comfort of your outdoor space. Try stone pavers that naturally absorb less heat, or opt for pavers primed with heat-resistant paint.

Scatter Some Potted Plants

Acting like a natural A/C unit, plants are so clever that they can actually reduce the sun’s heat by several degrees. If you want to bring the temperature of your outdoor area down, add some potted plants under and around your pergola. As an added benefit, plants also freshen the air and lend an oasis-like feel to your undercover space.

Move your BBQ

If you normally keep the BBQ underneath your pergola, find a new spot for it on scorching days. It’s typically fine to cook under your awning, but on sizzling days it will add to the heat. Move the unit somewhere close enough to be convenient but far enough to keep your shaded space cool.

Install Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Your pergola helps reduce heat under the awning’s cover, but when the weather is especially hot, pairing your pergola with outdoor mesh blinds will work wonders. Our Ziptrak outdoor blind systems are the perfect way to enclose your outdoor area for comfort and style.

Make a Splash

Never underestimate the cooling effect of water. While a swimming pool will beat the heat in an instant, even small water fixtures in the garden can cool you down considerably. It doesn’t matter if it’s not big enough for a dip, the sound of running water on a tiered fountain or backyard water feature will trick your mind into feeling misty relief.

Feeling the heat? Talk to Undercover Industries about getting a pergola or outdoor blinds installed at your Tauranga or Mt Maunganui home this summer.