Awnings are excellent at offering shade and shelter when you need them, and then retracting to hide tidily away when you don’t. And at Undercover Industries, our custom awnings are high quality and waterproof, UV resistant and come with a 10-year fabric guarantee. There’s no question they’re a worthy addition to a patio: the question is are they right for you and your outdoor space?

Let’s see…

When awnings are awesome

Our retractable and custom-made awnings are high quality and attractive. They are made from superior aluminium and stainless steel with premium acrylic and canvas fabrics that come in a huge variety of colours. They’re UV resistant and waterproof and, all in all, a great addition to a home patio or deck. If you answer yes to these three questions, you may want an awning:

  1. Do you want versatility for your patio?

Awnings are permanent structures, but they are retractable, meaning you can pull out the awning when you want it, and put it away when you don’t. This is handy when you are after a versatile outdoor space that adapts to different weather, moods and personal preferences. It’s great at making a small space more accommodating, and it’s also perfect at suiting different household members or guests.

  1. Do you want the option of protection from the weather?

Whether it’s the sun’s harsh rays in summer or the rain in winter, an awning offers some space where you can enjoy being outdoors yet protected and comfortable. An attractive and quality-made awning lets you extend your entertainment area to the outdoors all year round. With a retractable awning, the deck that lets you enjoy a summer’s night under the stars just as easily as it allows you to spend some quality time outside in winter.

  1. Do you want to add value to your home?

In the Bay of Plenty, house hunters always take a careful look outside, evaluating the gardens and, more importantly, the deck and patio. By offering home buyers an already completed outdoor area complete with an awning makes your home more desirable, competitive and can even bump up the price tag.

When a pergola is preferred

It can be a difficult choice choosing between an awning and a pergola. We’d say the biggest factor is whether or not the retractable feature of the awning is important to you. If it is – if you want versatility and adaptability – go with an awning.

On the flip side, if you’re sure that you want a permanently shaded and protected area and are after the elegance and the architectural aesthetic of a pergola, then a pergola sounds like the better fit.

To find out if a custom retractable awning is best for your Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Bay of Plenty home, talk to the team at Undercover Industries today.