Today, a backyard BBQ is more than a few charred sausages and a scattering of uncomfortable plastic chairs. No, us Kiwis take pride in our backyards and love offering up our homes as a space for family and friends to gather and unwind. Outdoor dining is now a complete experience blending sufficient sunshade with beautiful gardens, excellent food with comfy seating. If you’re keen to host your fair share of meals this spring and summer, here are five ingredients you’ll need to create the ultimate outdoor space.

A pergola or awning

Installing a pergola or awning transforms backyards. They extend your home’s living space in a stylish and sophisticated way, plus, there’s the obvious benefits of a sheltered area to relax outside no matter what the weather brings. If you are truly committed to an outdoor area that your family and friends will love, a pergola is fundamental.

An excellent BBQ

Of course, one essential element of the backyard BBQ is, well, a BBQ! We’re spoilt for choice here in Tauranga, with a great many options when it comes to finding your perfect BBQ to complete your outdoor space. When searching, look for a quality brand and built-in thermometer, select a size that suits your needs and consider if a side burner or rotisserie will be of value.

An outdoor kitchen

Any truly keen host will tell you that an outdoor kitchen is worth its weight in gold. By setting up bench space and a fridge, storage solutions and a sink under your pergola, you can do almost all the prep work outside, making life easier and letting the family cook be a part of the whole evening.

Comfy outdoor furniture

More than one backyard BBQ has moved indoors to escape pinching plastic seats or backless benches. Elevate your dinner party game by offering guests a cosy place to sit and relax so everyone stays outside well into the evening. To perfect the outdoor space you’ve created underneath your pergola, opt for a durable dining table, comfy outdoor chairs, and consider a couple extra seating options in the form of a couch or sofa.

Good patio lighting

By lighting up your outdoor entertainment area, you’ll extend the use of your backyard into seasons beyond just summer. Pair your pergola with outdoor pendants and fairy lights, light up the garden beyond with solar lights and illuminated garden features, and keep any stairs well-lit with deck lights.

Start your outdoor space with a pergola

If you’re stuck on step one, not to worry. Undercover Industries has been improving backyards across Tauranga with our high-quality pergolas, awnings and shade sails for years. Made in Mount Maunganui by locals and designed for our coastal conditions, there’s no better pergola systems for the Bay than ours. Get in touch today and we’ll get you sorted for spring.