Here at Undercover Industries, we proudly design and install the best pergolas in the Bay of Plenty. If you want to perfect your outdoor space and make it usable year-round with outdoor blinds, it makes sense to install a product as good as your pergola. That’s why we only supply the best brand on the market – Ziptrak outdoor blinds.

NZ’s favourite outdoor blind

Ziptrak outdoor blinds are an unparalleled option when it comes to convenient, quality, outdoor protection. These retractable mesh blinds include a spring-assisted guided track channel system to offer relief from sun, wind and rain.

Standing head and shoulders above any competitor on the market, these outdoor blinds will complete your outdoor space. Here’s why:

Shade, privacy and protection

It goes without saying that Ziptrak provides plenty of shade and privacy to your outdoor space. Really, these two features are the reason outdoor blinds exist, so of course Ziptrak delivers.

Where other outdoor blinds have gaps on either side that let wind, dust, insects and rain sneak in, Ziptrak connects at the sides for complete protection. Having no gaps turns your pergola into an oasis, no matter what is happening outside.

Easy to use

Outdoor blinds that are frustrating to use will soon be abandoned. That’s why Ziptrak blinds have a simple, innovative, non-crank handle that increases the ease and comfort of your ourdoor area. Ziptrak’s patented system is intuitive and effortless to use.

No rattling

These blinds are secured in place so they won’t rattle in the wind or the rain. You can alter the height of the blinds, leaving them raised up high to let some breeze or sunshine in, or locked down low – either way they won’t clatter and shake.

Reduce energy bill

Ziptrak lets you bring shade to your pergola in summer and allow heat to enter and radiate in winter. They stop excess heat from entering your home in the warmer months, and help trap the warmth inside in the cooler ones, reducing your reliance on the heat pump. The end result is lower energy bills and a reduced impact on the planet.

Architectural design

Get Undercover Industries to install Ziptrak blinds into your pergola and you’ll enjoy professional and discreet design. Recessed into columns and ceiling cavities, these retractable blinds can seamlessly integrate into any of our awnings.

Use the outdoor blinds commercial businesses use

Ziptrak is the outdoor blind of choice for restaurants and cafes who need robust, attractive and easy-to-use blinds.

Talk to Undercover Industries about your outdoor blinds

As we head into Tauranga’s cooler months, adding some outdoor blinds into your pergola will let you make the most of this space year-round. Talk to Undercover Industries about perfecting your outdoor space with Ziptrak.