Giving you a break from the sun in summer and relief from the wind and rain in winter, shade sails offer a stylish and versatile way to add some extra protection to your outdoor area. The Bay of Plenty’s shade specialists at Undercover Industries invite you to transform your outdoor space with one of our high-quality shade sails. Here’s six places to start.


Children love spending time outdoors and seem to not even notice the weather. Unfortunately, they are still susceptible to wild winds and harsh UV rays, which is precisely why playgrounds are the most popular place to include some shade.

Shade sails provide respite from the relentless sun and offer shelter from pouring down rain. They make playgrounds a safer, more pleasant space for kids to enjoy, which might just give parents a much-needed break! Whether it’s in your own backyard, at a kid-friendly restaurant or covering a daycare centre’s outdoor area, playgrounds and shade sails go hand-in-hand.


Not unlike playgrounds, in sandpits children seem to play and dig for hours on end. This is another brilliant part of a backyard or school playground to shelter with a shade sail, letting children safely enjoy building – and destroying – an endless stream of sandcastles.

Swimming pools

Filled with cool, refreshing water, swimming pools let you enjoy the great outdoors even on the hottest of days. Double this revitalising effect by installing a shade sail over top. We recommend not covering your pool completely, but rather strategically placing sails that will cover part of the pool while still letting the sunshine in for a sun-soaked splashes.

Outdoor dining

Shade sails offer an alternative, less permanent option to pergolas for BBQs and outdoor dining – a favourite pastime for all NZers. Hang one over your patio table to create a cosy spot where family and friends can enjoy a meal. Offering some shade will let you make the most of this precious space rain, wind or shine.

A garden oasis

Create an oasis in your garden where you can read, rest or simply relax outside in the comfort of shade. Cover a bean bag or couch and catch some z’s in your yard, or hang it over serene shade-loving plants in a far corner for a peaceful place to go and escape.


Shade sails are an excellent cost-effective option to protect your vehicles from the elements in lieu of a carport or garage. They keep your car cool and shaded in summer while protecting windscreens from frost in winter.

Install a shade sail today

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