We all know the major benefits of pergolas – they transform backyards into magical, sheltered spaces perfect for relaxing and entertaining. This is the main attraction and the reason that the team at Undercover Industries has been busy building and installing awnings across Tauranga and Mount Maunganui all spring.

But it turns out, the benefits reach far wider than offering shaded outdoor space in summer, so we thought we’d share some of the more unexpected rewards that awnings have brought to families across the BOP.

The Dog will be Happy

Even dogs like our awnings – who knew?! The summer heat can be hard for our four-legged friends who love spending time outdoors but suffer from the unrelenting heat. While dogs tend to chase the shade around the backyard like a sundial, Undercover Industries’ awnings are helping the family pet find some reprieve from the sun while still staying nice and close to the family.

Enjoy Spending Time Outdoors Even in the Rain

Many NZ families want sun shades to enjoy staying outside for longer during those stunning cloudless days. But when they get a pergola installed, they are surprised to find that they actually enjoy the outdoors more regardless of the weather. The beauty of a well-designed awning is that it creates an outdoor living space even when it’s drizzling down, so you can enjoy that delicious rain smell and the sound of falling raindrops without getting wet.

Plants Are Healthier

The sizzling summer sun can be harsh on the backyard garden – especially if you have shade-loving plants. Awnings lets in enough sunlight for the plants to thrive without being baked to a crisp. The beauty of a pergola is that it actually offers additional space for greenery – it’s perfect for potted plants, vertical gardens and creepers.

Discover Your New Reading Nook

Another unexpected delight – clients have found a newfound love of reading outside. Without a sun shade, outdoors reading isn’t all that relaxing as you are frequently squinting and moving your chair every time the sun peeks out from behind a cloud. With awnings, you can enjoy the tranquility of reading outdoors without worrying about hats, sunglasses or sunburn.

My House’s Value Went Up

Awnings are a worthy investment! Because they are aesthetically pleasing, achieve that Kiwi dream of indoor-outdoor flow and turn any house into an entertainer’s dream, quality pergolas actually increase the value of Tauranga and Mount Maunganui homes.

Ready to discover the hidden benefits an awning will bring? Talk to the team at Undercover Industries.