If you are raising a family, you may find that you all need a bit more space once your kids hit their teens! At Undercover Industries, we are the space makers, and we can help you transform an outdoor area into a ‘room’ that can be utilised all year round. For instance, if you want to make a bit of wriggle room for your teens, you could look at installing a Gable Pergola over your existing outdoor space.

Keep The Peace

In Tauranga, we are lucky to enjoy pretty great weather all year round; even across the winter months, if you have cover, you can still spend a bit of time outside. Creating a functional outdoor area for your teenagers means they can socialise with friends, work on projects or make a bit of noise with their instruments without disturbing the peace indoors. If you incorporate some Ziptrak Blinds, you can keep most of the weather out, add a few outdoor heaters, and you have a perfect solution when you need a little space from each other.

Pick And Choose

Undercover Industries Gable Pergolas come in a range of materials that bridge two roof edges or extend off a gabled roof. You could have your Gable Pergola made to measure from Custom Glaze 600, which offers a modern flat roof look with Clear, Diffused, Bronze or Grey Tints according to how much light and heat you want to be diffused into the space. This option can be cleverly positioned on the rafter so the rib is hidden from view. We also offer an Alysnite Laserlite construction which is a perfect solution for all year round and comes in a bronze or grey tint.

Outdoor Blinds for Extra Protection

Choosing an Undercover Industries Gable Pergola in combination with some of our outdoor blinds means you can fully enclose the extra space you have created. These are a durable option with a 5-year warranty on the mesh. If you want privacy and a no-gaps weather solution, this combination is going to suit you down to the ground. Giving yourself and your teenagers a little breathing room with Undercover Industries is a no brainer and we have all sorts of great ideas to extend your living!

Get in touch today to talk through some of the options that might work at your Tauranga home and up the harmony quotient with a smart install.