As we head into autumn, you may have noticed the days are getting shorter. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying your backyard to the fullest! Pergolas offer year-round outdoor comfort and lights are the best way to keep using them well into the cooler months. Read our clever lighting tips so you can keep using your pergolas after dark.

Get that ‘under the stars’ look with string lights

String lights are all the rage these days, adding light and ambiance to backyards and restaurants across NZ. If you’re keen to enhance the look of your patio with soft, dim lighting that’s affordable and easy to install, buy a pack or two of string lights. Choose dainty fairy lights or go for robust festoon lights – whatever floats your boat.

Light up the dining table

If the main attraction of your pergola is the prospect of outdoor eating, you’ll want to make sure everyone can see their dinner plates. At its earliest, the sun in Tauranga sets around 5pm, making pergola lighting, and possibly a patio heater, a necessity for winter dining. There are so many ways to illuminate the table – outdoor pendants, chandeliers, string lights and more – just check that all corners of the table are well lit.

Harness the sun

If you want to illuminate your backyard without the extra kilowatts, solar power is for you. String, garden and sensor lights all coming in solar-powered options where a small battery soaks up the sun’s rays during the day before automatically turning on at night. They often come with LED bulbs, so you know they won’t need regular replacing.

Show off pathways and stairs

If the patio under your pergola steps down into your backyard, this can become a tripping hazard in the dark. Continue to use this space with confidence even after the sun goes down by installing some pathway and stair lighting.

Pair pergola and garden lights

The thing about dark nights is that you can’t see your beautiful backyard beyond the pergola once the sun goes down. Get around this by pairing your patio lighting with some well-placed garden lights. Illuminating the greenery to showcase a different, more eerie side of your garden. The plants take on a whole new feel in the shadowy lighting which will enhance the atmosphere and remind you that you are surrounded by nature.

Maximise natural light

Our Laserlight pergola roofing sheets can help you make the most of the sun. They offer 99.9% UV protection, letting light in while reducing the heat and glare. Undercover Industries can also help you find the best place to build a pergola so your house still gets plenty of sunshine while your patio offers a comfy, shaded space to unwind.

Need somewhere to put your lights?

If you’ve bought the lights then realised you still don’t have a pergola, don’t panic! Give Undercover Industries a call and we’ll sort you out straightaway.