With a very expected hot summer ahead for Tauranga, we are all looking for ways to beat the heat while enjoying the most of what summer has to offer. Summer is the time of relaxing outdoors and enjoying the company of others in the warmth over dinner and BBQs.

If you are planning to entertain guests at home, you can install a pergola system and reduce the heat of your entertainment area by up to 67%! This means you get all of the benefits of the season, without you or your guests feeling uncomfortable warm, or having to avoid the ill effects of too much sun. Read on and find out how to create an outdoor entertainment area that stays cool in summer.

Add some shade

Install a beautiful pergola and not only will you have a new area for entertaining, but you’ll also have created some much-needed shade. Pergolas are the best way to offer sunshade, and the pergolas at Undercover Industries reduces 67% of heat under your awning.

Stay safe from the sun

Not only is creating some shade a more enjoyable way to relax outdoors in the summertime, but it also protects you from damaging UV rays. A pergola using top-grade materials can provide 99.9% protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

Consider the location

When having your pergola installed, consider the best location, taking into account the angle of the sun, the general direction of the wind, and any surrounding buildings and trees to ensure it works across all seasons and will create shade and sun protection in winter.

Choose a pergola system

There are various types of pergola systems one can choose from that will meet all of your seasonal protection needs. You could choose a served pergola, mono-pitch roof pergola or gable pergola system that can be customised to your needs and aesthetic.

Use a custom awning

A custom awning is an ideal solution in the summer months allowing you to extend shade and shelter when you need it, and retract it when you don’t. They are an excellent shade solution for decks, patios and all outdoor areas.

Install a shade sail

Shade sails provide aesthetically pleasing coverage from the harshness of the sun. Undercover Industries shade sails are all designed in-house and are custom made to deliver optimum performance while also architecturally complimenting your outdoor area.

Want to find out what pergola system is right for you to keep you cool in the summer heat outdoors? Talk to Tauranga and Mt Maunganui’s pergola and shade specialists today.