At Undercover Industries we are widely known for providing you with the best local workmanship when it comes to enhancing your residential and commercial spaces. Our pergolas, awnings, blinds, and shade sails are second to none, and if you want to extend your outdoor living area you’ve come to the right place. Did you know that along with our shade, weather protection, and home entertainment solutions, we also manufacture aluminium gates to make sure your family enjoys extra security?

Safe And Sound

When you are choosing aluminium gates for your property you should be taking a few factors into account. For instance, is security a factor in your neighbourhood? Perhaps you want to choose a gate with a bit more height to compliment your fence coverage? The beauty of the Undercover Industries gate range is that we make them right here in Tauranga – and we make them to your specifications.

Durable Options

We are manufacturing and supplying plenty of fantastic options for the local area, all our gates are aluminium which is perfect for the region. If you buy an Undercover Industries gate you can be sure it’s not going to succumb to the weather, our gates won’t buckle in the heat or split and stag like a lot of wooden options, and when you are dealing with harsh coastal weather you want something that is going to stand the test of time.

Colour My World

A fantastic low maintenance choice is the Undercover Industries Undercover Slat Gates, these provide great privacy, they have a bunch of features which can be custom designed, and we will construct them to sit vertically or horizontally in your space. Because they are welded, they don’t have any visible scres or fastenings – and we can match your colour scheme exactly with a huge selection available from the Dulux colour palette.

Complementary Finishing

When you are looking to create a coherent finish for your property having options is important. Our shade sails come in a 24 different colours and we can match your gate there, or make sure it compliments the materials and tones you have picked for your fencing.

Get in touch today for a free no obligation quote – if you send us pictures of the spot your gate needs to fit and some measurements we can pinpoint costs and timeframes.