Undercover Industries reckons living in Tauranga, Papamoa and Mt Maunganui has so many wonderful advantages, we love this area and the climate has to be one of the major bonuses of the Bay of Plenty lifestyle. We are blessed with the world’s best Summer and while Winter throws up some pretty wild storms, we don’t really get that drop in temperature that can make the colder months miserable elsewhere.

Rust Never Sleeps

Coastal living does, however, come with a few specific challenges for your assets, and when it comes to your vehicle – or your boat – the old adage ‘rust never sleeps’ definitely applies! If you are lucky enough to have a garage on your property it becomes fairly simple to keep the weather off your car. If you don’t have a garage, or your garage is full of household overflow, Undercover Industries have a fantastic solution to ensure your everyday run around and your hobby vehicles have the best shot at keeping their shiny coat.

Aluminium Mono Pitch Roof Pergola

At Undercover Industries we have a Pergola, Awning or Shade Sail solution that will work to meet all your outdoor living requirements, and when it comes to the car or boat, we definitely have you covered! Our Aluminium Mono Pitch Roof Pergola Systems can be tailor made to house your toys and these systems are built strong to weather New Zealand’s dramatic coastal Winter storms. Utilising high grade 6061 T6 3mm hollow lengths ensures a tough and durable home for your vehicles, and we make them right here in Mt Maunganui, this means you can order bespoke sizing and details – right down to your choice of Dulux colour.

Extend Yourself

It’s not just wind and rain that degrade your vehicles’ exterior, harsh UV rays can dull paint work and accelerate the breakdown of rubber seals add other exterior features. When you choose an Undercover Industries custom Mono Pitch Pergola, you get a massive 99.9% UV protection guarantee. A Pergola doesn’t just extend your space, it also extends the life of your vehicle by providing protection from weather extremes all year round. So whatever the weather, you can drive in and relax, knowing Undercover Industries have applied local knowledge and provided a premium solution.

If you are pushed for space, we can help. Get in touch with Undercover Industries today to maximise your potential and protect your assets – and your toys.